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Yvonne Ramage | Music
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Christmas Around the Bend

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Production abounds in this 2014 classic of Christmas songs. Enjoy the spirit.

All songs performed, produced and recorded by Yvonne Ramage. Copyright 2014 yvonneramage


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Where Was I?
Bend Oregon. That's where I was. I left Vegas, to spend a short stint in Corvallis, then on to Bend Oregon... land of beer, beards, bluegrass, blues and business. I read once that Bend Oregon is one of the "manliest" towns in america. And I don't doubt it. Though it tries to have a touch of urban culture, it is mostly a ranching-ski town, with a lot of craft breweries.

This albums was produced in my studio, and is all me. Top to bottom. I played all instruments, produced all arrangements, sang all the notes. Learning so much as I go... mostly about how much work it is.

So, I hope you enjoy this unending christmas spirit, as seen through my musical eyes. I am most proud of my original song, entitled "Peace Be With You". Love grooving to this one.