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Yvonne Ramage is a singer/songwriter (guitar & vocals), currently performing her original music as a solo, acoustic musician. But don't let that fool you... she is well practiced in performance and fills the air with a full acoustic sound; entertaining with a joyful spirit that is simply contagious. Venue permitting, she can infuse her songs with invigorating and funny stories, which leave the listener with a light heart and positive message. (click for more)

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Yvonne Ramage
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Yvonne Ramage- singer/songwriter (guitar & vocals), has performed her original music both nationally and internationally.  Her sound is a polished, funky-folky mix of up-beat sounds, described as a powerful expression between neo-soul, world, folk and pop.

Her lyrical depth and magnetic vocals lay the smooth and inviting groundwork for her well crafted songs.   The result is an evening that leaves you with bounce in your step and hope in your heart.

Yvonne has recently returned to her roots in the pacific northwest, after 6 years on the road and a 10-year stint singing in Vegas. "Vegas was awesome for me. It helped me polish my performance, as well as my songwriting skills.  If you perform original music that holds the attention of a Vegas audience, you have a good song."

Yvonne started writing music on the continent of Antarctica (1995).  With a year of minimal sunshine and nothing but time on her hands, she chose to focus on music as an avenue of expression. She started touring with her original music immediately, singing in New Zealand, Fiji, Micronasia; then returned to the states where she toured with her music (both solo and in bands).

Her love of travel, and thirst for adventure, gives her plenty of interesting stories to share, either in a performance or in her songs. "I always admired people who could tell a good story. It is a craft that has become more and more distant from our modern culture. It amazes me how wonderfully different people are from each other, and in the same breath, we are all searching for the exact same thing. Culture, philosophy, art, simply characterize a singular journey taken by billions of people. And that is what I hope to capture in my songs."






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